Saiminiece maizi cepa

About this recording

“The housewife baked bread the whole day long”…in the evening she added music, and soon this little film was made.

Tabita and Amanda kneaded the dough.

Amanda baked the bread.

Amanda and Tabita sang and played music.

Toms and Laima took pictures.

Toms made the film.

Par šo ierakstu

Saiminiece maizi cepa…tur pagāja visa diena. Vakarā pielika dziesmu, un drīz pēc tam tapa arī filmiņa.

Maizi mīcīja Tabita un Amanda.

Maizi cepa Amanda.

Mūziceja un dziedāja Amanda un Tabita.

Fotografēja Toms un Laima.

Filmiņu taisīja Toms.

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