Floods in Riga

Floods in Riga, 2010.

On the eve of September 6th, 2010 — after a couple days of moderately heavy rain — the Mārupīte [Little Mara River] channel dammed up near the place where the stream enters the Daugava River in central Riga. By morning the whole lower section of Arkādijas Park, a sports stadium, several surrounding streets, and even some railroad tracks were flooded. This area is a 5 minute walk from where we live, so of course we joined the many gawkers. The streetcar/tram that runs past our apartment and is our main artery to downtown Riga was also closed down for about 36 hours.

2010. gada 6. septembrī uzņemtas fotogrāfijas no plūdiem Arkādijas parka apkārtnē, ko izraisīja Mārupītes caurtekas aizdambēšanās.

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  1. maija stumbris

    Skaisti foto ! Bet tiem kuru maajas appludinaatas – traki ! Kaa tur aizdambeejaas? Vai ir jau nokaartots?

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