Pictures from Stiebriņi

Photos from our ongoing efforts to improve our little house and paradise in the country. Periodically updated. The photos are shown in more or less reverse chronological order.


  1. Gabrielle

    Amanda ~ Your pictures are amazing! The house and grounds look beautiful!

    Well done!

    Gabrielle Z.

  2. Bruno Peterson

    My favorite things: 1. The labais garins! (The “good grinch” – apologies to Dr Seuss. His face made me smile and he connects you to the previous residents.) 2. The cat sculpture on top of the outbuildings. (Keeps away the bad spirits.) 3. The sign with the farm’s name spelled in the old 19th Century style. (Further evocation of the past.) 4. The cold plunge (pond) right outside the (not yet functioning) sauna: future luxury! 5. The substantial, elegant outhouse – better than any known to my relatives in MN! – The whole places does look, as your mother said, idyllic!

  3. Linda Lacy & Indulis Piziks

    Amanda, Happily enjoyed viewing the seasonal pictures of your farm. As a budding bread maker, the oven and bread making photos inspired. You and Tom are restoring/building an environs for the wholesomeness and health of the human spirit. Makes us want to come and lend a hand. We still have snow of the woods and fields in Michigan mitten. Thanks, Linda & Indul.

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